Philanthropic foundation HÉRITAGE

“Intense love does not measure. It just gives” Maria Teresa

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About us 

Philanthropy and social responsibility always finds place in the lives of successful and charismatic people, who are responsibly building their future.

Stable and effective business development, preservation and multiplication of capital is always based on timeless values, like generous support and art of creation.  
Our vision is to create international platform to support young generation in their creation of the beautiful world of art, where children together help building new future. 
We organise events, masterclasses and private auctions to support artistic children and art schools, as well as art creative innovations.

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Private club

The Club’s vision, mission and values are supported by its members who align their efforts to fulfill the mission. We preserve traditions of Philanthropy and Patronage of Art and Culture.

The Club holds private rendezvous for children with international VIP guests, world known and famous, writers, art school professors, artists, animators, who succeeded in their world and happy to share their skills and talents with children. 

Our coming events

  • Children Art Exhibition and Auction

    Children will have opportunity to present their art, have their first experience with auction and enjoy welcoming and festive atmosphere of celebration with animators, exclusive sweets and music and of course receive pictures and presents! We are looking forward to welcome you to our world!

    Yacht club, Monaco

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